23 May, 2016

nerd reading (may-2016)

items dislodged from my reading queue of particular interest. first off - if you don’t have the morning paper in your RSS reader, you should. nerd bits slacker: fast distribution with lazy docker containers - what happens behind the scenes when you type docker run. i’ve scratched my head aplenty over the operation of AUFS and the complementary machinery around docker volumes. lots of dots get connected here. ... read more

04 February, 2016

just in case i needed a reference for a horrid survey

in other news, people are more than willing to express opinions on shit which they know nothing about and circularly admit their own ignorance. linden hills rezoning study neighborhood survey (results)

03 November, 2015

software dataplane verification

abstract The industry is in the mood for programmable networks, where an operator can dynamically deploy network func- tions on network devices, akin to how one deploys virtual machines on physical machines in a cloud environment. Such flexibility brings along the threat of unpredictable behavior and performance. What are the minimum restrictions that we need to impose on network functionality such that we are able to verify that a network device behaves and performs as expected, for example, does not crash or enter an infinite loop? ... read more

21 April, 2014

the culture

don’t fuck up the culture - this piece by brian chesky (founder of airbnb) made its way across HN today. ... read more

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