06 January, 2017

random observation re: used records

used record cleanliness invariably, when i clean a used jazz or classical record i don’t end up with a needle full of gunk. the record will invariably play nicely from start to finish. however, when i clean a used rock, folk or pop record, i end up with a needle full of fuzz. ... read more

24 November, 2016

why be a parent

ouch. the truth hurts. “Affluent and well-educated Americans, by which I mean roughly the upper 20 percent of the socioeconomic strata, are instead narrowly concentrating on ensuring that their children retain their privileges. I think this tendency first became apparent to me in the 1990s, when “soccer moms” began to drive around in huge SUVs that were more like tanks than cars. The message that could have been on a bumper sticker was, “No matter what happens, my kids will be safe, even while yours might be toast. ... read more

06 November, 2016

networks of reinvention

a very interesting article on splitting the protocol from the network plumbing (read, socket() interaction) in a library implementation - all of this is done using python 3 w/async i-o. really interesting approach. networks of reinvention, david beazley (;login:) - issue: fall 2016, vol. 41, no. 3 (personal copy)

03 July, 2016

RC plane shiz

tuff trainer 2 - prop specs GWS EP Propeller (DD-9050 229x127mm) orange (6pcs/set) DD = direct drive - straight edge RD = reduced drive - curved edge turnigy charger notes grabbed from the hobby king site, in the event that this goes away. The Turnigy E3 Compact LiPoly charger is a very simple to use charger for 2S and 3S battery packs. No need for additional power supplies or 12v batterys as this little unit has its own built in power supply that is quite happy on mains power from 100v to 240v (this particular unit comes with a US plug and lead). ... read more

07 June, 2016

the lurking answer to gemfile.lock's existence

i’m not at all a ruby user so this is being stored away for future reference. of particular note, pay attention to the “checking your code into version control” section … specifically regarding the gemfile.lock and what to do … This is important: the Gemfile.lock makes your application a single package of both your own code and the third-party code it ran the last time you know for sure that everything worked. ... read more

05 June, 2016

often, it's nice to have some money to go along with your morality

this article landed in my reading queue a few days ago. in summary - if you want action on something, it better impact some segment of wealthy folks as well. otherwise, the world at large seems to care a lot less and/or the marketing will be a lot less effective. on some issues, moral appeals don’t seem to work - short to the point and a sobering reminder. however, if you prefer, the more on-point summary. ... read more

23 May, 2016

nerd reading (may-2016)

items dislodged from my reading queue of particular interest. first off - if you don’t have the morning paper in your RSS reader, you should. nerd bits slacker: fast distribution with lazy docker containers - what happens behind the scenes when you type docker run. i’ve scratched my head aplenty over the operation of AUFS and the complementary machinery around docker volumes. lots of dots get connected here. ... read more

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