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meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 66.2°F and Cloudy links, etc The media’s systemic failure on Afghanistan - by Judd Legum - Popular Information Self-Doxing Guide | Access Now Digital Security Helpline End-User Guides

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meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 73.4°F and Clear links, etc Chinese espionage tool exploits vulnerabilities in 58 widely used websites - The Record by Recorded Future

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meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 80.6°F and Clear links, etc Notes on NFTs, the high-art trade, and money laundering – Amy Castor Secret IRS Files Reveal How Much the Ultrawealthy Gained by Shaping Trump’s “Big, Beautiful Tax Cut” — ProPublica

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meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 66.2°F and Clear links, etc U.S. officials misled the public about the war in Afghanistan, confidential documents reveal - Washington Post this generation’s pentagon papers. Post-COVID Restaurants Should No Longer Ignore ADA Guidelines - Eater

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meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 73.4°F and Clear links, etc Sundown Towns Are Still A Problem For Black Drivers i remember former co-worker from the south giving me the schtick that we were past racism in the US when obama became president. :facepalm: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/16/opinion/cities-reopening-time.html Opinion | The Simplest Tool for Improving Cities Is Also Free - The New York Times i miss the streets being closed off around the lakes....

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links, etc The emergence of heat and humidity too severe for human tolerance | Science Advances not pretty. the ministry for the future opens with a heat event where there’s a persistent heat wave with high wet bulb temps. nothing about this bodes well for us. The Problem with Ethereum. How did Ethereum become a system that… | by Tomer Strolight | Aug, 2021 | Medium...

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links, etc How Can We Neutralize the Militias? | by Steven Simon | The New York Review of Books The Big Money Behind the Big Lie Knowing How | by Susan Tallman | The New York Review of Books Questions the January 6 Select Committee Should Ask Its Witnesses parler letter to chairwoman maloney this was an interesting way for parler to position themselves....

August 10, 2021 · steve ulrich

climate models and precautionary measures

given the density of the news surrounding the IPCC report and the dire implications of a report that leaves little/nothing to question as to the state of things this nugget from NNT, et al was a wry bit of commentary. We have only one planet. This fact radically constrains the kinds of risks that are appropriate to take at a large scale. Even a risk with a very low probability becomes unacceptable when it affects all of us – there is no reversing mistakes of that magnitude....

August 9, 2021 · steve ulrich