reading notes: we are bellingcat

we are bellingcat author: eliot higgins ISBN: 978-1526615756 overview higgins provides a nice and reasonably chronological account of what led to the creation of bellingcat. from his days lurking on the guardian and various message boards while working a standard office job to the creation of his brown moses blog and eventually the creation of the bellingcat project. notable escapades/investigations include: detailing the acquisition of expertise in identifying war crimes during the civil war in syria as well as chemical attacks on the part of the assad regime....

November 14, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211110 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 39.2°F and Partly Cloudy links, etc The ties that un-bind | Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Conference i’m a little behind on my SIGCOMM reading. this paper, in particular, is totally worth the read if you’re at all interested in internet architecture and how to build things differently. it does a nice job of showing how content delivery can be addressed (ha!...

November 10, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211106 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 39.2°F and Clear links, etc Who Controls the Internet? And should they? - Bert Hubert’s writings gone are the heady dreams of my 20s. The untold story of the world’s biggest nuclear bomb - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists the 1950s-1960s were truly some bonkers times. this is on one hand terrifying and on the other, incredibly fascinating.

November 6, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211102 - TIL: there are dune scholars

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 32°F and Clear links, etc ‘Dune’ Has a Desert Problem don’t quite know how i landed on this article. but i found it a fascinating read on the influences and whitewashing of dune over its various incarnations. research!rsc: Lessons from the Debian/OpenSSL Fiasco - great read; passed along to me during a crypto discussion at $DAYJOB.

November 2, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211031 - reading backlog

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 39.2°F and Clear links, etc this was coughed up into my readinq queue. the march-2021 issue of the atlantic was incredibly dense and at times hard reading. but definitely worth the efforts. The Voting Rights Act Hangs by a Thread - The Atlantic we’re dangling by a thread here. PrettyLittleThing, Shein, ASOS, and the Rise of Ultra-fast Fashion - The Atlantic...

October 31, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211030 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 33.8°F and Foggy links, etc The Metaverse Was Lame Even Before Facebook - The Atlantic it’s like reading about my 20s. oh, and 30 years later folks still can’t improve on the, wait for it … meta-phors laid out by neal stephenson. Anna Deavere Smith on Forging Black Identity in 1968 - The Atlantic Opinion | A Deserved Nobel Economics Prize Reminds Us Facts Matter - The New York Times...

October 30, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211028 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 46.4°F and Cloudy links, etc Trump Is Tearing Apart the Evangelical Church - The Atlantic delicious.

October 28, 2021 · steve ulrich

20211024 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 37.4°F and Mostly Clear links, etc Securing Internet Applications from Routing Attacks a nice rundown on various BGP attacks and their impacts on endpoints (and by extension applications). the interesting thing here personally was the run down on attacks against BTC infrastructure. the punchline, however, seems to be you can’t trust the underlay (read, the Internet). for some stuff, particularly in a world of well funded state actors, you’re likely going to need to create an application level overlay network....

October 24, 2021 · steve ulrich