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2021 media diet

movies save yourselves - far more entertaining than initially expected. this made 2021 the year of the poufe. shirley - elizabeth moss plays menace with glee. not fun, tough to pull away from as well. the assistant - i can’t recall the last time that you loathed a character that you never actually saw on screen so much. oh, and seriously? boner injections are a thing? women in blue (PBS) - predates the murder of george floyd....

February 14, 2021 · sulrich

20210904 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 73.4°F and Partly Cloudy links, etc States That Cut Unemployment Benefits Saw Limited Impact on Job Growth - WSJ will the DFL hang this around the necks of the GOP in these states? somehow, i doubt it. Why Hospitals and Health Insurers Didn’t Want You to See Their Prices - The New York Times unbelievable. the differences relative to the negotiated medicare rates are mindboggling....

September 4, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210903 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 62.6°F and Foggy links, etc Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency appropriately captures my feelings on the topic.

September 3, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210902 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 55.4°F and Clear links, etc modern tools (xkcd) this is totally worth it for the alt-text.

September 2, 2021 · steve ulrich

202109 - links, etc.

links, etc

September 1, 2021 · steve ulrich

the best thing i've read on afghanistan in the last week

the hard truth Biden was right, in the end, to bite the bullet and refuse to pass this conflict on to yet another president. His execution of this resolve, however, looks to be a tragic and shameful mess and will likely be a case study in policy schools for years to come. But there was no version of “Stop the forever war” that didn’t end with the fall of Kabul....

August 26, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210825 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 69.8°F and Mostly Clear links, etc The conspiracy theory economics of Bitcoin – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain The Real Source of America’s Rising Rage – Mother Jones i’ll save you the slog, mother jones blames fox news. still, there were a few nuggets. So how does QAnon, the great liberal hobgoblin of the past year, measure up?...

August 25, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210823 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 69.8°F and Clear links, etc Find Your Soul | Matt Hanson they can’t get you if you have no soul. i.e.: i should be safe…

August 23, 2021 · steve ulrich