notes from some dork


pgp key details

pub   4096R/75AC80C0 2015-01-27
      Key fingerprint = 8965 16F7 4A4B 972E 7D27  78E7 F924 0D54 75AC 80C0
uid                  steve ulrich (keybase id) <>
uid                  steve ulrich <>
uid                  steve ulrich <>
uid                  steve ulrich <>
sub   4096R/5B2A3E8F 2015-01-27

ascii armored key


while it should be painfully obvious, it does bear noting that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. they certainly don’t reflect those of my employer or other parties. if you feel compelled to complain / comment use the above info to get a hold of me.


ipv6 ready - just a quick check with the cloudflare folks that things are IPv6 accessible.