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my name is steve ulrich. by day, i’m a consulting engineer for a large telecommunications equipment vendor. mostly that means i spend a lot of time arguing nerdish points, hanging out with some really smart people, finding bugs and harassing folks to fix them. by day i work with various service providers to deploy their networks and roll interesting (and sometime not so interesting) services out on those networks. making porn go faster doesn’t just magically happen, there are a lot of us who work really hard at it.

given that minneapolis is hardly the networking capital of the world, i also travel a lot. sometimes to interesting places, sometimes to not so interesting places. i also travel a fair amount for fun with my wife and stepson.

i’m an inveterate UNIX snob and a long time convert to the cult of OS X . this is mostly as a result of my infatuation with the daemon known as FreeBSD. sadly, i still have a smoldering respect for solaris and certainly have no aversion to linux. this is not a lifestyle thing, i just like good tools.

in previous lives i’ve swung a hammer, designed special machines for the medical industry, written 3D CAD software, burned UNIX networking code and helped to found a local ISP (1|2). in the process i’ve waded through a good chunk of the dot-com dead pool and seen some interesting corners of the world’s data centers.

if you’d like to contact me, email is likely the preferred medium. if you’re looking for something more immediate, i’d recommend using an IM client and contacting me that way.


while it should be painfully obvious, it does bear noting that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. they certainly don’t reflect those of my employer or other parties. if you feel compelled to complain / comment here’s how you get a hold of me.

additional contact info

       email: sulrich@botwerks.org
       skype: stevilbot
gtalk/jabber: sulrich@botwerks.org
    yahoo im: sulrich
     twitter: @sulrich
      github: @sulrich
     app.net: @sulrich

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